State Staff

Scott Wilkin, Chief Executive Officer

Ph: 217-244-9590, Fax: 309-419-0880, E-mail:

Dwight D. Raab, Chief Executive Officer

Develops, coordinates, and conducts continuous farm record keeping and management analysis program outlined by the State Board of Illinois FBFM in cooperation with the University of Illinois, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics. Supervises field activities related to computer and record analysis procedures. Recruits and screens field staff candidates; assists in coordination of personnel training. Helps all parties cooperating in Illinois FBFM, local FBFM associations, and Agricultural and Consumer Economics Department to develop mutual understanding in the pursuit of farm business analysis objectives. Oversees business affairs of the state Association, including contracts for supplies and services and the business records of the Association. B.S., Purdue University.

Ph: 217-333-5511, Fax: 309-419-0880, E-mail:


Bradley L. Zwilling, Farm Business Analyst

Assists in developing and supporting management information and computer systems to deliver farm record analysis. Assists in analyzing, interpreting and reporting results of farm record data studies. Has responsibility for statewide training and development of associated educational materials for Farm Business Farm Management Field Staff. B.S., University of Illinois; M.S., University of Illinois.

Ph: 217-333-8346, Fax: 309-419-0880, E-mail:


Brandy M. Biros, Professional Development Coordinator

Provides assistance to FBFM field staff, including coordinating and leading staff development and training via individual and/or group settings.  Analyzes FBFM data and serves as a liaison to various partner organizations.  B.S., University of Illinois; M.S., University of Illinois.

Ph: 217-265-5629, Fax: 309-419-0880, E-mail:



Laura Yates, Operations and Finance Officer


Ph: 217-244-2812, Fax: 309-419-0880, E-mail: